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LA’s Independent Creatives

LA's Independent Creatives has a well-rounded understanding of creative communities. We believe that an empowered arts coalition is a successful one. LAiCREATIVES wish to bring knowledge and awareness to emerging artists. That process is two fold. As a creative collective and a digital publication.
    We begin by showing creatives that art is a business. Branding and marketing yourself as an artist is a key component to a lucrative career. LAiCREATIVES mentors talent with positive encouragement to build their careers.
      LAiCREATIVES is also a resource for galleries, buyers and benefactors so that they become aware of emerging and existing artists. We curate exhibitions, creative projects and events. Working with third party affiliates with proven track records and established clientele. We offer referrals to the right people so they find what they need. As well as overseeing our digital publication featuring fresh content multiple times per week, which includes creative happenings throughout Los Angeles, interviews with new artists, and inspiring experiences.
        LAiCREATIVES intention is to encourage and nurture the artist-business relationship, so the artist's body of work is featured in an environment that directs the visual story. Whether in a gallery, public space, or individual collectors, the objective is to get creative work seen by a wide audience. We do this with a variety of services:
          CURATORIAL & CONSULTATION: Artists & Collectors

            ARTIST REPRESENTATION: Mentoring, Managing & Marketing
              PRESERVING ARCHIVES: Managing Assets
                Please contact us if you are an artist and interested in having your portfolio reviewed or a collector and interested in one of artists.
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