Westside Love is a new one of a kind DJ, Emcee & Producer Showcase happening monthly in Los Angeles featuring some of the best talent of today and tomorrow. There’s major emphasis placed on the quality of our bookings, and overall production. We look specifically for artists that have a natural, raw appeal that’s more than just attractive on paper.

Unlike most Bars, Clubs, and Lounges this night is completely at the discretion of the performers.

What this means for our guests is they get to hear a completely different side from their favorite artists. We highly encourage everyone to play the best of their Unreleased, Exclusive, and Rare content. We strongly urge our talent to dig deep into their crates and only play what they never get a chance to. These are the tracks you pull out to make a room explode, the ones that can instantly command the room’s attention, or save that sinking party from drowning. They are the tracks that are stuck in your head on the way home, the ones that make the house explode, the ones that blow tweeters & subs. The ones that bridge the genre gaps, break the mold, and raise the bar.  

The overwhelming response for this function has truly been something amazing to see firsthand. In a short 6 month timeframe we’ve already established a core audience and have built enough momentum that we are now currently in the market for a larger venue to keep up w/capacity demands.

As the party grows, so do we – in a recent write up it was mentioned that it’s quickly becoming a privilege to attend and/or perform at Westside Love. Outside of the music and vibe, we have high quality custom sound & lighting, 3 projectors, fog machine, dance-floor, 2 pool tables, stripper pole, green friendly patio, Oh yeah! The cover also includes Free Tacos, Hotdogs, and a Beer on the house! We also have various giveaways to guarantee our guests always get more than they bargained for, alongside leave with more than they arrived with. a visually stimulating design aesthetic which is only fitting for an audience that appreciates getting the whole package when it comes to nightlife.


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