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    Mona Holmes - Nisker | Social Media Director
    Mona Holmes - Nisker | Social Media Director
    Mona Holmes - Nisker aka "Social Media Mona" began her social media career before Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram or Tumblr, when the music-friendly MySpace was king. She launched an online community of female DJs, vocalists and producers in 2002 called Shejay. Shejay was a worldwide online network, online magazine (with user generated content) and a booking agency. "We didn’t realize it at the time, but we created a social network before the moniker ever existed. We spent many a late night editing content, coding HTML, finding audiences and building a solid email list. I miss those days, because every success was built by our hard work, innovation and word of mouth. After moving towards food blogging in 2008, it became essential that I learn everything about marketing my new businesses in the newer digital age. After gathering a steady following, I was asked to do the same for another company. Then another. So another business was born: Social Media Mona." While building and running Shejay, Mona made so many friends and alliances that helped bring the project together and partnered up with these brands, businesses, record labels and products to name a few – which helped them thrive in the online world. Building communities is all about relationships, and that is what most strategists say is crucial when working in social media.

                  Angela Stubbs | INKSLINGER
                  Ink Slinger
                  LA's Independent Creatives "Ink Slinger"
                  Angela Stubbs lives in Los Angeles and is an MFA graduate of the Jack Kerouac School at Naropa University. Her work has appeared in or is forthcoming from Upstairs at Duroc, La Vague Journal, Sleepingfish, Black Warrior Review, Puerto del Sol, Everyday Genius, Bombay Gin, Paper Darts, esque Magazine, elimae, The Nervous Breakdown, and others. She is the author of a fiction column at The Nervous Breakdown and recently completed a collection of hybrid fiction entitled, Try To Remain Hidden and a collection of poetry titled Apostrophic. She is currently in an NYU workshop in Paris twice a year creative writing.
                      David Tamargo | #CHASINGCALIFORNIA
                    LA's Independent Creatives' David Tamargo #ChasingCalifornia
                      David Tamargo, b.1984, is a Cuban-American artist whose work serves as a visual journey into situational fantasy. Using landscapes to focus on the formation of identity, Tamargo works in various mediums such as photography, installation, sculpture, performance, jewelry and video.
                      He exhibits his work internationally as well as curates exhibitions of emerging contemporary art. He lives and works in Miami, Florida and Los Angeles, California.