The Chocolate & Art Show Raises the Bar on “Pop Up” Art Movements

Now in it’s fourth year, it’s safe to say that the Chocolate & Art Show is rapidly becoming a growing entity in Los Angeles Arts movement considering they are “underground” and a “pop up” art collective. (A “pop up” is seen as a moving interactive display varying in creative mediums “popping up” in distinct locations for a short period of time.)

        Since its beginnings, Danilo Santos, Chocolate and Art’s Founder and producer has expanded from LA’s Historic District at its warehouse| gallery | event space at the KGB Gallery to cities such as Atlanta, Dallas and now Miami with no plans of stopping there. For those who have yet attended, let me paint a picture for you. Among the warehouse spaces in downtown Los Angeles there is a nook separating Chinatown’s Chung King Road and Exposition Park area. Urban Murals and Graffiti Art decorate a minimal amount of the buildings. Across from the free parking lot is a gated warehouse turned art event space where the Chocolate & Art show has become a staple of a guaranteed good time at a multimedia event.

              Usually held four times a year, C&A consists of live local bands, DJ's, live painting, live body painting, artwork ranging in mediums hung from floor to ceiling. As spectators get their dose of stand alone pieces they can also feast their eyes on live body painting from some of the most talented artists such as Judith Bautista’s, Lil Bitter Pixie, spending hours turning her human canvas into stimulating moving pieces of art. And yes… for those skeptics that have been to thousands of these types of events, C&A does keep the chocolate flowing due to the one and only, Heidi Kendrick, keeping fondue fountains full with an array of fresh accoutrement. Outside of the gallery walls in the front of the venue, vendors are lined up selling hand made one of a kind pieces, music is cranking, drinks flowing, food truck is parked for munchies and the crowd is gathered having a good time.

            Curator, Summer Bernal, has found a way to balance the aesthetic of what can be an overwhelming visual experience without sacrificing quality. Chocolate And Art Show is the perfect example of a pop-up art collective turned legitimate art exhibition| multimedia event with national exposure growing in attendance and seal of approval from some of “fine arts” top curators, gallerists and collectors.

                Pop up art collective’s aren’t the ones making it to the mainstream; restaurants and boutiques have become quite fashionable in recent years. Reputable designers, chefs and galleries are branching into short-lived side projects creating a buzz in the community. With firmly planted roots and its expansion into emerging art cities the Chocolate and Art Show Movement is really just beginning and we are excited to see them flourish.

              Please check out photo gallery below taken by LAICREATIVES newest contributing Street Photographer, Matthew Grant Anson, with his stunning take of the Chocolate & Art Show.

            Chocolate & Art Show

KGB Gallery