Shoghi Castel De Oro: An Interview with The Mastermind Behind EpiphiNoir

You might ask yourself, exactly what is an EpiphiNoir? Well tonight is your chance to find out. Shoghi Castel De Oro answers some of LA's Independent Creatives questions about tonight's conceptual multimedia art show and event.

A group art exhibition including traditional, digital, interactive and sculptural art focused on re-evaluating the dark, and discovering the light inherent within the deepest, pitch black places that we shun or fear.~The darkness of space is as important as the stars held within. ~

Epiphany: A usually sudden manifestation or perception of the essential nature or meaning of something (2) : an intuitive grasp of reality through something (as an event) usually simple and striking (3) : an illuminating discovery, realization, or disclosure

Noir: dark;black. Stories relating to bleak, cynical, or fatalist characters and scenarios.

LAIC: What is the inspiration behind EpiphiNoir?

EpiphiNoir is an amalgamation of all the things that have instilled awe in me over the past year or so. I have been focusing on light work (long exposure photography, infinity mirrors, holograms) and it has me as excited as a teenager in their favorite science lab class in high school. I have felt more like a teenager in science class now than anything. Broken into parts~ EpiphiNoir: E-Pi-Phi, are mathematical constants in nature that construct and make up all things. Noir, in this sense, is representing the dark void of space we find light in, be that literal or figurative. I recently had a rather harrowing experience with a hallucinogen, which brought up my fear of death. Our darkest hours, however, can be where we can find our brightest expressions of self. We are, after all, prisms. Taking in and bending light, as well as creating it ourselves. That's it, I suppose. Coincidences and echoes happen everywhere so often in nature, and I am bringing to light that which keeps me up at night.

LAIC: How did you get Syrup Loft involved?

I have friends who lived at Syrup and had been involved with its management. I was then connected to Yoni and realized we've been having the same artistic dreams, and we decided to have my next show there. I've been going to events there for years, but now I’m thrilled to be throwing them too.

LAIC: You mentioned your affiliation with Burning Man can you elaborate on your affiliation and how many years you have been attending the festival?
I know all the Syrup cats from the burner scene. I've been going for about...well I've been in the community of burners for about six years and I've gone four phenomenal times. It is one of the most amazing places on the planet for sure and has helped to inspire and drive my artistic endeavors for the past few years. Looking forward to this year after spending two away.

LAIC: What was your process on curating the artists?

I have an amazing group of talented artists that are sharing similarly themed works, people from many different facets of my life. Some are joining me from previous shows I have curated, and there is one old family friend whose art heavily influenced the way I view art. Everyone else is dear friends whose works I have come to admire and cherish over the years.

LAIC: What can we expect to see, gravitate to at the show?

Sculptural pieces, electron microscopy of crystals, black light body painting, infinity mirrors, gestural sketches...Really it’s about as mixed as you can get, all within the theme. I love themes! You can expect to hear and see some AMAZING acoustic performances and more people are being added as I speak. Violinists, pianists, classical guitarists, and tag teaming downtempo dj sets, as well as an amazing performance by my wife Lily, who is one of the best hula-hoopers I've ever seen. She mixes hooping and a beautiful ballroom dance style. I don’t think it’ll be easy to gravitate towards any one thing because the talent and the mediums with which to express that talent are so varied.

LAIC: Will this be an ongoing and growing event?

Yes, this is the first, but I plan on having an echoing event within the same or similar themes at Syrup loft, as well as around town.

LAIC: Which charities will the silent auction be benefitting?

The silent art auction will benefit , which is an organization that works to eradicate child slavery/exploitation and engage culture in creative solutions. Also, a similar charity that rescues, treats, and empowers people to grow and thrive amidst despite such hardships. Human trafficking is a huge pox on our planet and we can help with our creative focus to create a society free of it.

LAIC: Why did you choose these particular charities?
One of the pieces that is being auctioned is a painting/sculpture depicting Darth Vader and his fall from grace as he lost all he loved. His last sliver of humanity he had left was his son, Luke. A fatherless child, a motherless child, a child thrown into dark and painful servitude. This is the formula for a very dark and fearful future governed by those who build empires of evil around their fractured psyches. I feel these two charities are doing the work that will genuinely make a difference in helping those affected conjure their light.

LAIC: What is your background in the performance | art world?

Native American art, geology, sculpting light, magnetism, typography and graphic symbolism are hard wired into my soul. My love for animation became a 7 year career doing 3D animation for films and commercials. I've worked on films such as the Avengers, Iron man 2,3, Thor, Spiderman 2, 300, I am Legend, and name just a few. I've acquired many skills, analog and digital to voice what my psyche has to convey. My souls echo now seems to be a bit louder than my silver screen love affair, and I’m compelled to bring to light all that keeps me up at night. Performance wise I have been a professional fire dancer on and off for about 5 years, and have been in various dance troupes over the years.

Read more about the artists involved and where to purchase tix.

Artists: Shoghi Castel de Oro Shana Koenig Michaela Bookout Kathryn Keys Christiane Amato Melissa Fontanini Jennifer Esteban Michael Bermudes Matt Elson Eoin Colgan Rita Lightguard Ashley Joy Beck Donna Trousdale Shanna Gillette Josh Gridley Reid Godshaw Alberto Merino Body work/Massage by Mia Hanson Live Body Painting by Bryan Buzz & Katie Q. Performers: Fabiano Do Nascimento Daniellow Jack Jackmore robbieFITZSIMMONS Bouncy more to come...

Syrup Loft
939 Maple Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90015

When: March 28th 8pm to 3am Friday till Saturday

Silent Art Auction benefiting select charities~

5$ online pre-sales 10$ at the door

Bar and Snacks for nomming~ f

facebook link for the show

personal artist fb page ~