Review: Glass Animals live performance @ The Masonic Lodge | Hollywood Forever

Four friends from Oxford, plus one dynamic debut album (released last month) usually wouldn't add up to two consecutive sold out shows at Hollywood Forever's Masonic Lodge but for the former med students turned indie band, Glass Animals... it did. They took to the stage promptly at 10pm performing for a little over an hour. The stage was dressed with four medieval goth like chairs, two guitars placed on each side. The added element of a pristinely timed light show intensified their seductive sounds enhancing a haunting yet stellar performance. Their vibe is consistent and polished especially for only having recorded one full length album, Zaba. Glass Animals sound can be described as a distinct blend of tribal electronic drum beats subtly mixed with live instrumentals reminiscent of the days of shoegaze and trip hop and equivalent to experimental eclectic stylings of acts like Radiohead, Portishead, Beats Antique and Massive Attack.

The band is made up of early twenty somethings, vocalist and songwriter David Bayley, Drew MacFarlane, Edmund Irwin-Singer and Joe Seward have been friends since they were 14 years old. Their most recognizable singles (to those of us who still believe in discovering new artists,) include "Gooey" and "Black Mamba" and can be found as part of their impeccably curated album, Zaba. Zaba, is a collection of songs that will stay with you, producing a somewhat hypnotic state while listening. Lyrically it can be compared to the gentlest of kisses with just the right amount of provocative animalistic beats that leave you wanting more. Watching them live produced a similar feeling, it was as impressive as listening to album itself. In short, Glass Animals might have just solidified a lengthy music career.

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YouTube Music Video For “Gooey”

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Photo & Story by Franceasca Seiden