Q&A w| Filmmaker Adam Grabarnick | NORTH BAY premieres @ Hollyshorts THIS Sunday!

From the mind of acclaimed music video director Adam Grabarnick, NORTH BAY, a sci-fi film finishes its festival run at HollyShorts Film Festival (HSFF) this Sunday,August 17th @ 7:30pm.

    Now in its 10th year, Hollyshorts has become a fan favorite programming a successful film festival dedicated to programming short form narratives from around the world.

      Adam Grabarnick’s Sci-Fi film NORTH BAY, is one of those films reinstating the validity for existence of festivals like Hollyshorts. This unique narrative is set almost entirely set over the course of one day revolving around Sachin Fayez, a discredited scientist who has been conducting a radical experiment deep in the remote woods for the last seventeen years. The film takes place on the day he unexpectedly collides with the proof he's been after for so long, in a way he never could have imagined.

        We sat down for a mini Q&A with the filmmaker for a thought-provoking Q&A discussing the idea(s) behind making a film like NORTH BAY and what we can look forward to from this thought-provoking and innovative filmmaker.

          To pull off any successful Sci-Film is difficult, especially in a short form narrative. Which idea came first the genre or the story?

            The character. The image of an academic outcast slumming it on a new age Internet talk show was the spark. Developing the radical science that got this character banished from his world drove from there.

              The film, North Bay is an existential film combining metaphysics, quantum physics creating a 17 year science experiment. Some may even say obsession. There is an ever-lying theme that is spiritual. Did you have any intention for that to peek through when you wrote the film? What experiences led you there and why were they important for you to explore as a filmmaker?

                I was thinking about the 'science of life' and the mystery of junk DNA. Accusations from the fringe against the scientific method for being as dogmatic as orthodox religions is a perspective that challenges core concepts of the world around us. I saw a fit battleground in these subjects that kept me interested. I'm also a huge fan of Rupert Sheldrake.

                  As a director with a solid background making music videos, do you feel your love for music is an element you brought to theme of the film? Mainly, the experimentation of sound waves being broken and transmitted through space and time, as in the noise we produce is energy and that energy has the ability to create parallel universes?

                    You now that feeling you get when a song grips you? What is it about those vibrational frequencies that compels us so? You could play me a song that melts your heart and reduces you to a puddle but I may be hearing corny whines. We're tuned so differently from one another. Beyond music and song, what sorts of immeasurable phenomena are ingrained in sound waves of an agonizing scream versus a soothing whisper?

                      How do you feel to be premiering North Bay at the end of it's festival run at Hollyshorts Film Festival in LA, your home, after essentially going on tour to Fantasia International, Toronto After Dark, Sci-Fi London, Boston Sci-Fi?

                        We've had the fortune of playing NORTH BAY at some of the most important genre festivals in the world to fantastic crowds in gorgeous theaters. Ending our festival run in LA as an official selection of Hollyshorts is a wonderful thing. Having work of mine play the world famous Chinese Theatre is a life goal that I can now check off the list.

                          Can you tell us a little bit about your next project?

                            The script for a feature adaptation of NORTH BAY has been completed and my producing partner and I are half way done shooting a new feature film. It's a sci-fi comedy. Expect big ideas and schtick.

                              For NORTH BAY, Grabarnick wanted to “craft a story involving the 'religion of science,' when dedication to the scientific pursuit evolves into a daily religious practice.” Inspired by more provocative realms of theoretical mathematics, astrophysics, Junk DNA, and conscious-based science, NORTH BAY is a “call to those brilliant minds forced to work on the fringe because their theories challenge the very foundations of Mainstream Science.”