Artist HUEMAN Takes Us “Between The Lines” Of Her Style In Highly-Anticipated Solo Exhibit At Project Gallery Opening June 5, 2014 | 7pm

For the past year, HUEMAN has been doing non-stop high-profile projects, including a painting commissioned by NIKE, a mural for P. Diddy’s Revolt TV Studios, and her biggest canvas to date: a 90-foot wall in San Francisco at the Ian Ross Gallery. Now she’s taking it back to the gallery walls in a new solo exhibit opening June 5, 2014 at Project Gallery. “Between the Lines,” will showcase more than 12 new pieces on canvas and wood until July 20. Project Gallery is located at 1553 N. Cahuenga Blvd. Hollywood, CA 90028.

 “Between the Lines” is a play on the artist’s signature style as well as the theme of her new collection of work. A freestyler to the core, HUEMAN has been perfecting a technique of creating free-flowing abstract shapes, finding faces within their framework and then introducing sharp lines to create structure and dimension.

HUEMAN says, “When people look at art, sometimes they look for things that may or may not be there. With [Between the Lines] I want to talk about human behavior and the tendency to place meaning and significance in what we see. I want to examine the not-so obvious: subtexts, innuendos, and the things that go unsaid. I want viewers to literally read between the lines.”

Known for her vivid colors and surreal images, HUEMAN’s work is definitely easy to get lost in. For this series, she’s also been branching out beyond the stunning portraiture that’s become her signature with more abstract imagery. Because her process is so spontaneous it’s hard to believe we’re not getting some glimpse, even if by accident, into the artist’s subconscious. HUEMAN admits that meaning might not be as contrived as it seems. “All the work I do is definitely a snapshot of what I was going through or thinking about when I made it. And yes, sometimes I do get new insight into my life when I step back and look at some of my past projects.” “Between the Lines” will run from June 5 until July 20, 2014.


Allison Torneros, aka HUEMAN, is a hybrid lowbrow artist with fine-art painterly skills, who brings a femininity to a movement that at times can be juxtaposed to the gracefulness of her work. In the studio, she presses her striking, freestyle vision to canvas, drawing on the human condition to create impressive mash-ups of the beautiful and grotesque, abstract and figurative and ordered and chaotic. Outside, when crushing walls, shoulder-to-shoulder with street art legends, she channels her alter-ego, HUEMAN, to break out of her creative shell along with the boxed boundaries of the canvas. In giving in to the call of freedom, Hueman says, “When I dare to go outside of my comfort zone I feel more human, and I hope to inspire others to do the same.” You can the artist in action in this time-lapse video from Complex Magazine, which documents the making of her gigantic mural at Ian Ross Gallery: time-lapse. Visit to learn more.


Beautifully designed PROJECT Gallery is a cultural destination located in the center of Hollywood. PROJECT features actively rotating exhibitions with emerging and established artists and boasts a unique and creative event space with a modern edge. In a very short time PROJECT has held exhibitions for contemporary artists such as Zio Zigler, Ian Ross, Jeremiah Kille, and street artist/muralist CANTSTOPGOODBOY. Diversified programming has included a group pop up with LA art venture CARTWHEEL, Disarming Time with musician Serj Tankian, and the highly regarded photography exhibits: Innocents photos by Moby, 50 Years of The Rolling Stones, Indian Larry by Timothy White and ROCK/FIGHT, all of which garnered national attention. The gallery has received extensive widespread media attention from the LA Times, Entertainment Weekly, LA Weekly, KCET Artbound, FAST COMPANY, BL!SSS mag, Complex, Los Angeles Confidential, Refinery 29 and many others.