Noise Revolt and Project.ART are joining collaborative forces to bring you Project.pARTy!


**Formal dress code, shnazz it out and get down to the underground sounds in your fine festive attire!!**

Noise Revolt and Project.ART are joining collaborative forces to bring you Project.pARTy! Come celebrate Project.ART's IndieGoGo release the vibey way! **Light dress code, no shorts/harem pants/sweats etc...not our choice but venue just told us so we have to honor it - any future events at this venue will have no dress code but as it's a Saturday and they usually do something different we must respect their wishes. Think fancy theme!

**Make any size donation to the Project Art IndieGoGo page and get into the party for FREE!!!! $5 After 11pm**

***Live painting, vendors, DJ's and loving vibes all night long! Our venue features a hookah lounge/smoking patio and a fully stocked bar, and of course a thumping sound system.***

*****SET TIMES*****
DAVOID: 10:00-10:20
MYDJDREW: 10:20-10:45
BRITTON: 10:45-11:30 DJ SCHUGAR:
11:30-12:15 SUDONIM:

Project.ART is now officially an up and coming media and production company with a collective of some of the best festival filmmakers and artists in all of Southern California. Project.ART combines community, music, art, and film bridging the gap between new talent and the best in rising talent. This is achieved by nurturing and grooming talent to recognize their abilities, and also by building a product around themselves and their art pieces. This creates and sustains long term careers in one of the most difficult industries. Project.ART is not only about creating employment but also about creating entrepreneurs. Project.ART is consistently on the search for new talent and uses an open door policy. Project.ART is gearing up for its 2014 festival tour and will be shooting several different projects during this time period. We are an open source collective here to serve the artist. Project.ART moves to inspire creativity, build it and utilize it in projects, and most of all in life.

Festival Tour: Gem & Jam - Tucson, AZ - Feb 7th-9th
Cosmic Carnival IV - Lake Isabella - March 14-16, 2014
Serenity Gathering - Sana Barbara, CA - March 28th-30th
V Element - San Diego, CA - April 5th
Lucidity Music Festival - Santa Barbara, CA - April 11th-13th
Coachella Music Festival -Indio - April 18th-20th
Desert Hearts - So Cal - April 25th-28th
Lightning in a Bottle - May 22nd-26th
One Love WoodStock - New York Aug. 15th-17th
Burning Man - Black Rock City, NV - Aug 25th - Sept. 1st

Tropical Hearts April - ? Drawing on the Moon - ? Symbiosis Music Festival - ? Elements Gathering - ? Projects: Festival Goers Festival Promos

Project.ART Documentary Noise Revolt Do we all not desire the best way to live our lives, searching for every way to achieve whatever we set out to do with our time on this planet? The world rapidly changing and is still capable of much more. We encourage everyone to be apart of implementing this change, through creative documentation. Creative avocation of ones ideas or observations, and a collaborative community in which everyone involved pushes each others drive to reach their creative potential. Let us all be the roots providing nutrients to one big tree, bringing innovation and efficiency to our way of life. Let us drop our fronts as not to be weighted down by the limits of ego, but become adaptable to our surroundings, learning through our attention to environment and the others we come across, strengthening our ability to survive. Don't just take, but give back, just as any ecosystem does. We are all weaved into the same geometrical web of life and our progress is a collaborative effort. Take a stand with your creative weapon using the power of your energy to inspire others. If you want to change something the time to act is now. Creative chaos is necessary. Don't hate, collaborate. We fight for peace and art is our weapon. We hope you'll join us.


Each of us projects an energy field that resonates with those around us. In the act of continual collaboration, we are laying down a new foundation for a way of living. By amplifying everyone’s volume through the harmony of teamwork, we are expanding our creative voices. Through this new way of life we emphasize how sustainability, health, artistic expression, and community are key for happiness. Everyone has a gift and we want to enhance it. Combining our resonance, our sound will be heard around the world. Our method is to inspire others to wake up and stand for the spirited genius that is within all of us. We are rebelling against the mediocrity disconnecting us from consumer media. We are striving to aid in the development of a conscious generation. We are revolting against the status quo of fear and hatred. We are celebrating love and wisdom. We are engaging with the union of our art, awareness, and our presence to implement change.

WE ARE NOISE REVOLT RESONATE WITH US!                           Location: La Maison Lounge 11608 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604