Loud, Direct & Brash … The Ladies Of Potty Mouth Put The “WO” in Women

"If you feel like letting out your inner punk but don't want to actually get violent, Potty Mouth hits the right balance."
Potty Mouth was a welcome and surprise add-on to Castro's Wednesday night headlining gig at The Echo. Hailing from Massachusetts and signed to Brooklyn's Old Flame Records (which just released their first full album "Hell Bent"), it was a rare treat for Angelenos. This East Coast band, apparently on vacation (frontwoman Abby Weems "got a sunburn"), played for the largest crowd of the night. The early birds knew something most didn't - this band rocks.
Potty Mouth @ The Echo
Potty Mouth @ The Echo
Weems' pop-angst lyrics were delivered through a tornado of firey, auburn hair and backed with raw emotional guitar (not as Pop as Joan Jett and not as Punk as the Sex Pistols). They weren't always clear and were drowned out a bit in the mix, but the crowd didn't seem to mind and sang along to hit "The Spins". Punching the crowd in the face with the kick drum (among others) was Victoria Mandanas. Keeping the whole thing aloft was Ally Einbinder's bass guitar, which, honestly, looked bigger than its handler; but, she wielded it with even more ferocity than is displayed on their recordings. The band had Kiana Saroce playing lead guitar and contributing vocals on a few tracks, including the album's closer, "The Better End".

          Loud and direct and brash, these ladies put the "WO" in women. Dressed in skirts and tights and doc martens, the early 90's never looked so good. If you feel like letting out your inner punk but don't want to actually get violent, Potty Mouth hits the right balance. Check them out on Bandcamp.

              webBW2015.01.21_POTTYMOUTH.ECHO_252 Following Potty Mouth was Harriet Brown. Brown, dressed in velour, corduroy pants and a silk shirt with a physics-defying, perfect, bowl haircut was a wonder-inducing, one-man band. If alternating between synthesizer, drum pad, pre-recorded samples, a PA mic, a regular mic and guitar and looping it all together live sounds ambitious, it's because it is. His sound was similar to watching a really impressive karaoke singer (at times impressive, at times pitchy) take on late 70's funk and soul with bravado... and playing every instrument in each song along the way. Really cool, very original. If you like Kishi Bashi, Marty & Elayne (the house band at The Dresden) and The Funkadelic, you'll want to see their lovechild. Check out Harriet Brown's Soundcloud.

                  web2015.01.21_POTTYMOUTH.ECHO_298 Up next was Castro, a brand new L.A. band who have a New Wave throwback sound that lends itself to The Cure more than Depeche Mode. Vincent Venturella, guitar and vocals, has that 80's tone down pat in his voice, especially on "You Can Be The Only One". Although, most of the crowd had already followed Potty Mouth out of the building. This band meshes well, for only a few months in, and seem capable of putting on a good show but were a bit stoic on stage; hopefully, next time, people will stay to watch and give them a reason to get a bit more loose. They have their three song EP on Soundcloud.


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