He Was Art… Remembering David Bowie

IMG_0237 He Was Art…
    Is what I keep saying when thinking back on his life and legacy. David Bowie leaves behind a musical career that spans over four decades; his films and style brought together all forms of life, some from other planets. He defined what being a visionary was without self-proclamation. As a colorful figure he was a subtle pioneer, an innovator, reinventing himself time and time again influencing pop culture on a global level. Spawning various Bowie fans from the Ziggy Stardust’s, Modern Lovers, Hero’s, Young Americans, Goblin Kings or Walk Off Judge’s. Bowie defined cool as a style icon that managed to keep his artistic integrity in tact. He created by instinct and no matter which Bowie we got somehow at sometime we can remember when we fell in love with him. I remember first hearing Major Tom, a song that blanketed me with a haunting and uncomfortable sadness though I never could seem to switch the station. The moment I fell in love with him - MTV - Music Video for Lets Dance, to this day it still brings me the same feeling as it did when I was a kid. An enigma before I knew what an enigma was, mysterious in the most non-threatening way, with undertones of sex, his otherworldliness took shape in fantasy in my imagination. The impact of his loss is massive. He signed off this earth with the release of his last and 25th album Blackstar on his 69th birthday, January 8th. Leaving us with an amazingly haunting music video, which now we see, foreshadows his death. To those of us who didn’t know he was sick - hearing the news came as a big shock. Every generation has a story about the day the music died, for some of us January 10th will be that day. We are eternally grateful for your influence in this world, one that will continue to inspire future generations of artists allowing them to create from the heart, to infuse vision, to have integrity and embrace being different.
      “If you’re ever sad, just remember the world is 4.543 billion years old and you somehow managed to exist at the same time as David Bowie.”