Genesis 2014 Q&A w/ Art of Elysium’s Founder Jennifer Howell

Genesis, one of Art of Elysium’s signature events will be held at The Ace Hotels', United Artists Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles, Friday September 5th at 7pm. It includes a who’s who of curators; musical performances and LA based visual artists. The bevvy of multi talented curators include Beck, Shepard Fairey, Karen O, Santigold, Cat Power and Spike Jonze. Having such big names does help in raising awareness for the Art of Elysium’s charities that enrich the lives of local artists and aiding in hospital youth with serious medical conditions.

    Flaunt Magazine, Houston Hospitality, KCRW and Goldenvoice all partnered up with Art of Elysium for a bonafide golden experience. The combination of curators, musical acts, visual artists and venue has the making of a successful collaboration of tastemakers coming together for a great cause. We were lucky enough to conduct a Q&A with founder and “accidental philanthropist” Jennifer Howell for a sneak peek of Genesis 2014.

      AOE is a very progressive when it comes to throwing these types of that help raise awareness due to the cause and celebrity guests who volunteer. How did AOE (Art of Elysium) go about choosing this year’s guest curators?

        (Jennifer Howell) We chose people that we believe have significantly contributed to the arts culture in Los Angeles and New York and turned to them to identify the next generation.

          How much creative freedom did they have in handpicking each visual artist?

            We gave them complete freedom to choose.

              Was there a significant difference in method used in each curator’s decision-making process between them all?

                I personally feel that each curator choice of artist came from a choice of who inspired them personally.

                  Have any of them worked with Art of Elysium prior at other benefits? If so, who?

                    Aaron Embry has been a long time supporter and from the curator list Alex Ebert, Moby, Spike Jonze, Shepard Fairey and Jakob Dylan have all been long time supporters participating in multiple events and programs.

                      Do you think that AOE’s out of the box thinking helps generate the success of these events and bring awareness to the initial cause that is benefitting children and interactive volunteering through the arts?

                        Yes, and it was important The Art of Elysium and Rain Phoenix from our organization to have this event in downtown Los Angeles because it’s the epicenter of the arts and culture movement right now nationally. In particular the former United Artists Theatre represents the united family of artists who collectively believe that art heals.

                          How was the process this year in choosing the musical acts?

                            That was done by our incredible curators.

                              Are they all LA based as well as the visual artists?

                                They are primarily LA-based with the exception of Mary Ocher who is based in Germany.

                                  Can you briefly describe AOE mission with Genesis (& all other events) and how would you like to see its future growth?

                                    We would love for Genesis to continue its home at the Theatre at the ACE hotel with a long terms partnership moving forward with KCRW and Goldenvoice.

                                      Ace - DTLA - Spencer Lowell - Theater - Color Corrected Can you give us a sneak peek of what we will expect from Sept 5th’s event: the ART PARTY with live graffiti installation and inside the theatre at the ACE, Virtual reality installation and multi-platform show that Flaunt magazine and Houston Hospitality curated?

                                        We are going to blow the minds of people attending with a massive collection of artists showing their work and performing their craft across multiple disciplines.

                                          Genesis is a celebration of emerging artists that brings creatives, tastemakers and social leaders together in support of The Art of Elysium’s programs and mission. This year, the concept begins with curation. Trusted, famed luminaries are asked to select their favorite up and coming LA based artists. Live Performances by SoKo, Moses Sumney, Mary Ocher, Rodrigo Amarante, The Garden, Nico Turner, Aaron Embry, Vorhees, The Donnies The Amys, Nite Jewel and more… plus surprise guests!

                                            Fine Art & Film Installations by Chris Milk, Lance Bangs, Wrdsmth, Dallas Clayton, Dilletante, Jacqueline Suskin, Pancake Mountain, Natalie Johns, The Movement Movement, Creative Visions Foundation & More…. Including Dj Sets By Allie Teilz And Nina Tarr (The Embassy.)

                                              VIP party installation curated by FLAUNT and Houston Hospitality.

                                                All ticket prices include:

                                                  7:00 – 10:00 pm ART PARTY with live graffiti installation

                                                    10:30 – 2:00 am inside the theatre at the ACE Virtual reality installation and multi-platform show

                                                      To find out more about Art of Elysium’s ongoing programs, volunteer visit them at

                                                        To Purchase Tickets please use the Link

                                                          The Art of Elysium is able to provide artistic workshops to hospitalized children through the generous support of individual donors. Donations of all amounts are welcome and are greatly appreciated, whether it is a one-time gift, a monthly contribution or a donation in a friend or family members’ name. Click here to donate

                                                            The Art Of Elysium's Genesis

                                                              Fri, Sep 5, 2014 07:00 PM

                                                                The Theatre at Ace Hotel, Los Angeles, CA

                                                                  933 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90015

                                                                    Hudson Jeans Presents The Art of Elysium's Genesis Celebrating Emerging Artists