Dot Red Public Art Gallery Tour “The Art Of The Abstract” Launches Sunday June 26th

DotRed Dot Red​ is excited to soft launch the Public Art Gallery tour Sunday, June 26th from 11am - 7:30pm with an emphasis on Abstract Art. We have four exceptional studio galleries focusing on showcasing unique and powerful abstract art, all with very diverse and stunning representations in this medium.
    The tours begin at three separate times (11am, 2pm, 5pm) that will circle-back, bringing a centered focus to each studio gallery and more convenience to our guests' agenda. 50% Discount code "Abstractart" for first 30 people who sign up.
      Dot Red's for these tours comes from the idea of breaking up the traditional four-walled stationary exhibit while still maintaining a storyline and subject matter. By separating the art space, it allows us to incorporate more community and social commentary, thus giving our guests a truly immersive experience. Gaining more insight of the artwork from the guide, the curator, and the guests is why they continue to see repeat visitors. Please join them as they brush away from the idea of representational art, and saturate ourselves in the complexly simple medium of abstract art.
        Preview the visiting galleries below in all three tours, and book your tour today!
          11am-1:30pm | 2pm-4:30pm | 5pm-7:30pm
   - link for booking
                Jeremy Quant
                  O: 213.375.5256 C: 661.644.0083