LA’s Independent Creatives is currently looking for a few & CREATIVE & CAPABLE INTERNS with these SKILLS, EXPERIENCE & PERSONAL ATTRIBUTES:

          Social Media Marketing: Facebook Pages, Twitter, Instagram, Google +
              Wordpress Publishing
              Adobe Bridge, inDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator
                Digital Organization: Labeling Artist Digital Files Including: Photography, Marketing Packages, PR, Reviews, and Interviews
                    Creative Writing
                        Coordinating & Scheduling/ Email Outreach with: PR Companies, Music Festivals, Studio Visits with Visual Artists, Art Fairs, Gallery Openings, Events & Exhibitions Previews, Exclusives & Coverage.
                            Organize and communicate schedules and updates to everyone involved.
                                Scheduling/Coordinating staff writers/photographers with appropriate press accreditations for story.
                                    Excellent communicator with the ability to manage relationships with stakeholders at all levels internally and externally.
                                        Strong desire to network and maintain professional contacts being true to the LAiCREATIVES brand.
                                            Personable and flexible you can maintain focus and keep calm when working under pressure. (There's not much pressure involved)
                                                Able to deliver to tight deadlines.
                                                    Personality, Passion & Panache.
                                                        Passionate and enthusiastic about the Los Angeles art, film, music, and subculture scene.

                                                                ABOUT US

                                                                    LAiCREATIVES is dedicated to featuring in depth interviews, preview & post event coverage for LA’s Multimedia Artists including Visual Arts, Film, Music Subculture & Street Art. We are a growing arts organization focused on spotlighting LA’s eclectic, progressive, independent, creative community. In addition LAiCREATIVES offers curatorial assistance, artist mentorship & marketing assisting artists build their brand and business. We offer referrals to other LA based companies creating a unified artistic way for the community.

                                                                            PLEASE NOTE:

                                                                                Compensation: Unpaid Position, Acquired Personal Relationships, Access to Press & VIP Previews & Events.
                                                                                    1-2 Days A Week
                                                                                        Can Work From Home & Skype
                                                                                            Must Be LA Resident & Must Love The Arts

                                                                                                    HOW TO APPLY?

                                                                                                        Email your Resume & CV and cover letter in pdf or .doc to
                                                                                                            Email Subject Line: Intern

                                                                                                                    We look forward to hearing from you!