Courtney Nichols In Conversation | Celebrating Three Years of Delicious, Decadent, Debauchery & Disco Dining Club

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      Disco Dining Club is celebrating its third year anniversary this weekend, Saturday – February 10th all due to the vision of mystical maven and party girl extraordinaire, Courtney Nichols.
        Nichols is the creative mastermind behind all that is, Disco Dining Club (DDC), a decadent dinner gathering that Nichols resurrected from the dead to bring back the art of fine dining, interesting conversation and all night partying. Carefully curated and sinfully salacious DDC indulges in thematic, theatrical immersive experiences.
          For those who are unfamiliar with the nature of a DDC event – welcome to a fully themed, immersive, lavish, theatrical dining and disco experience. Disco is not just polyester, platforms, sequences, drugs and music – disco is a state of mind. Nichols handcrafted DDC as if we were waiting for the rapture, ravished and hungry as our hedonistic heathen heart yearned to feel alive.
            After all, the idea was birthed during the wee hours of the morning after attending an underground warehouse party when it dawned her that she was craving a full steak dinner. That was the beginning of something yet to be revealed. There’s a certain type of personality that wants to indulge all the senses simultaneously but there’s not many that can pull it off complete with substance. Nichols wasn’t looking to create a stuffy dinner party accompanied by a DJ and dance floor. She wanted to go balls to the wall, fully committing - paying homage to those legendary events of yesteryear as feasts were devoured by kings and queens while jesters entertained the court and end it with a ball where everyone was dressed to the nines. Courtney wanted an all-inclusive theatrical event.
                Most importantly, DDC is for everyone, it is not an elitist club it is for those who love to express themselves in the most outlandish ways and didn’t really have an outlet until now. It is a place where strangers eventually became family, where judgment is considered gauche and where you’re encouraged to become one with the dance floor. Disco Dining Club is a family of misfits that come together to celebrate life. There is only one requirement to for guest to attend and that is: to Consume Everything.
                  So lets break it down. DDC are large-scale culinary events steeped in all the excess, debauchery & the hedonism of disco. The intent of DDC is to take the warehouse scene out of the underground and into the dining room.
                    The most minute detail is taken into consideration when building the evening's narrative. From the cocktail menu, to the DJ booth set design, to costuming, and signage, it is the definition of decadent moments throughout history that led to the penultimate excess, all that is disco. It is the mantra that allows Disco Dining Club to not just be a throwback bash, but rather a conceptual experiential experience that refer to the greatest parties of yesteryear.
                        To celebrate Disco Dining Club’s third year Courtney chose “Hall Of Mirrors” for this monumental edition. The Versailles themed event will feature a 4-course French feast from Food & Wine profiled Laurent Quenioux, a curated open bar with cocktails from Happy Hour Agency, a DJ performances from France-based Joakim, and local legends Smooth Sailing and Stacy Christine. There will be an exclusive showing of Belgium-based Criaturas costume house, mime performances, (yes Mime’s) midnight croissants, unlimited oysters from Hama Hama, and immersive theatrics reminiscent of 18th-century indecencies.
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                              So if your jet is getting serviced and you want a wild night with incredible flair, food and fodder – then look no further than to our very own sprawling backyard that is our great city of Los Angeles.
                                Here is our Artist in Conversation, the decadent diva, Miss Courtney Nichols.
                                    What was the inspiration behind DDC’s tagline “Consume Everything”?
                                      I honestly cannot take full credit for this ingenious saying. When I first started mentioning the idea of Disco Dining Club to my partying clan, my dear friend Phyllis Navidad told me that I simply must use the word "consume" in my tagline. Unbeknownst to me, "consume" is a word I use on the regular. Shortly after I added the "everything" to her "consume" suggestion. To consume everything is to feast on all of contemporary culture - from fine art, to food, to film, and drink. To consume everything is to an active participant in the now.
                                        Did you grow up around eccentric characters and lovers around the disco movement that shaped who you are today?
                                          My mother is a music fanatic, and although I grew up in the conservative town of Monterey, I was thankfully immersed in quality music and food from a very young age. However, my love of dance music evolved from my babysitters’ devotion to 90's rave culture. She would burn me tapes with CC Music Factory, The Bucketheads, Rupaul, and Bizarre Inc. I also recall being enamored with Grace Jones when she made an appearance on Pee Wee's Playhouse. All these moments combined shaped my ethos and made me disco obsessed.
                                            What is the most important aspect of throwing a good dinner party?
                                              The host should never appear stressed. Guests should be given the illusion that the party is without hiccup. I always make sure to have enough staff on hand that I can have a cocktail as well as mingle with all attendees. This small detail makes all guests feel more at ease.
                                                Out of all of the themes thus far that DDC has covered, what has been your favorite?
                                                  Honestly, each theme has been better than the last. I will always have a soft spot for Surrealist Edition though, as I celebrated my birthday that eve. At midnight, the moment my birthday began, the room filled with fake snow and I was gifted a mirrored telephone with a lobster handle, an homage to Dali.
                                                      Are there any themes that you are excited to explore in the upcoming editions?
                                                        The ultimate theme would be Babylon. Before tackling that beast, I would actually prefer to experiment with some daytime Disco Dining Club themes. On the mind right now: Disco Dining Club Sock Hop Edition and Disco Dining Club Pep Rally Edition.
                                                          What has been your favorite part of cultivating this community of lavish lifestyle loving degenerates?
                                                            My favorite part is learning that lavish lifestyle loving degenerates still exist!
                                                              Ideally, if you could transcend through space and time who would be at your ideal DDC dinner party and which era would you like to throw it? In? Anyone alive, dead, fictitious and in any era with any combination of music, food, entertainment.
                                                                Easy: I would like my DDC dinner to take place in the Emerald City Sequence in "The Wiz" with the after party would be hosted by Divine and Mae West.
                                                                  What is the kitschiest thing that you have, have incorporated into one of the DDC events or have seen someone bring?
                                                                    There are 2 guests that continually outdo themselves: Colin Campbell & JD Stuntebeck. At Faberge Edition, Colin arrived with suitcase in hand as a white fur Dr. Zhivago. Whereas JD is known for his slinkier attires, often layering items that he progressively takes off over the course of the evening, leaving simply a thong. These two men are Disco Dining Club fully realized.
                                                                      What is your favorite part about doing what you do? DDC, Place Setting?
                                                                        Throwing events is an addiction. My favorite part is succumbing to the addiction when I announce yet another event date.
                                                                            Disco Dining Club is a full escapist event that entrenches guests in a night of theatrical and culinary escapades. More information can be found at
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