The word curate derives from the Latin word "curare" meaning "take care." Essentially a curator is a manager or a keeper of a cultural heritage institution (e.g., gallery, museum, library, or archive) LAiCREATIVES serves as both curators and consultants for artists and collectors.

      Our consultation for ARTISTS varies from our consultation with collectors. We work with a select few focusing on directing their content by Mentoring, Managing and Marketing. We develop an artists brand, package their material and provide marketing strategies. Our goal is for our artists to walk away with the tools to flourish as creative business entities.

          For our COLLECTORS which include: private clients, galleries & organizations, LAiCREATIVES "Consulting Services" is directly using our fifteen + years of expertise with by conducting relevant global research of the "art market." LAiCREATIVES serves as a "freelance curator" for gallery, art events, urban spaces, private residences, office spaces and manages archives. The goal for emerging and mid career artists to maintain sustainability and build solid relationships with collectors.

              LAiCREATIVES functions as a subject specialist for our clients by taking on the responsibility for acquisitions and collections. We make the decisions regarding which artists to represent, and which pieces and collections we want to see flourish. We then assist on brokering deals for each collection (i.e galleries, out of state representation, private collectors, group & solo exhibitions) LAiCREATIVES oversees the assets, keeps documentation and prices based on conducted research on the collection and history. We provide proper packaging of art for the artists and collectors and publicize through our digital publication.

                  LAiCREATIVES constructs narratives in both the material and digital worlds. In this sense digital and interactive exhibits often allow the public to become their own curator, and choose their own information. We select and interpret works of art that our collectors, institutions and private clients would like from our catalog. In addition we serve as "guest curators" at affiliated organizations, galleries, events & public spaces.