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Fisher Stevens is an online network providing filmmakers and contents creators with tools to fund, produce, market and screen their projects. A unique platform that brings filmmakers together on set and with their original programming exclusively offered on the site. Founded by actor Andres Faucher and writer Kevin Allen Jackson whose mission was to grant filmmakers access to different aspects in their respected industry. is not a crowdfunding site; it is a resource where filmmakers can do everything they need to do in order to get their projects made. Funding, including crowdfunding, will be one part of that.
    Colaborator Kevin Allen Jackson & Andres Faucher @ Match Premiere
    Colaborator Kevin Allen Jackson & Andres Faucher @ Match Premiere
    Founders Faucher & Jackson
      Andres Faucher, is a Venezuelan, award-winning actor and producer. Faucher’s films have premiered at prestigious film festivals across the world including Clermont- Ferrand, Dances With Films, London BFI, Athens International and Mexico International. Most recently, he starred and produced in a short film “For Spacious Sky” (2014) which debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival and garnered critical acclaim from New York Magazine. Kevin Allen Jackson, Founder and President of, is an award-winning screenwriter and producer. He holds an MFA in directing from the Actors Studio Drama School and is a graduate of the Writers Boot Camp 2-Year Screenwriting Program. He has developed feature
and episodic scripts for several independent producers, taught screenwriting both privately and at the renowned Writers Boot Camp and was a finalist for the Warner Bros. Television Writers Workshop. He also served as Executive Producer and one of the writers for MATCH, Colaborator’s debut series, the first narrative series ever created by the members of an online network.
          How long have you been operating?
            We announced ourselves and soft launched in November 2014 and officially opened to the public in February of this year.
              Who are the founders? What is their background?
       was created by actor Andres Faucher and writer Kevin Allen Jackson, who wanted to break down the access barriers to the entertainment industry and provide the tools to put people in the driver’s seat of their own careers.
                  What was the idea that initiated the launch of Colaborator?
                    Hollywood is a tough industry to break into, for many reasons, most revolving around the issue of access. It’s a struggle that we’ve both lived through, personally, so we wanted to create a way to make it easier for talented people to break into the industry and do what they love. Hence, the idea for Colaborator was born.
                      Colaborator serves as a means for anyone in the film and television industries to connect, share and produce content. The site features proprietary technology that allows members to staff, produce, market and distribute their projects all in one place. Additional project management tools, as well as funding options, including crowdfunding, will be integrated into the site within the coming months.
                        “With 100 hours of content being uploaded to YouTube every minute, how are content creators expected to stand out?” ~ Andres Faucher
                        “With 100 hours of content being uploaded to YouTube every minute, how are content creators expected to stand out?” ~ Andres Faucher
                        Faucher: The site targets millennials who have struggled to find their way “in” and are often plagued with questions such as: How do I find the resources to get my movie/web idea made? How can I gain access to people and information that will help me drive my career? I graduated from film school, now what?!
                          Providing solutions, resources and, most importantly, collaboration tools is Colaborator’s biggest value proposition.
                            Jackson: “The idea was to create an environment where you could get multiple things done at once. A Colaborator member can find his or her next project, connect with colleagues, stay up to date on industry happenings and potentially create something, all from this one platform. It’s an incredible opportunity and we are lucky to be at the center of it.”
                              Besides film, what other types of content creators raise funds on Colaborator’s crowd funding site?
                                It’s not a crowdfunding site. Rather it’s a one-stop shop where content creators of all types can do everything on one platform – connect, create, market, find a job, find cast and crew, etc. The funding portion will be integrated in the next few months.
                                  Since you can hire crew from the site specifically, how broad is your crew base within?
                                    We’re still in early stages, since we just launched in February. Membership has nearly tripled since then and we haven’t really started to market the site in earnest, as of yet.
                                      Which stages do you accept a project?
                                        We want to be helpful at all stages of a project so there aren’t any rules about when you can post a project or join our site.
                                          You also have a streaming network in place for original content. Was this always intended or did the idea organically sprout through the years?
                                            It has always been part of the plan, fitting into the overall mission of being a place where filmmakers can do everything they need to do.
                                              You have some famous filmmakers that have been to your studios and have been interviewed. How are they tapped into your market? Have they used Colaborator in their own work?
                                                We’ve been fortunate to have some wonderful talents interviewed for Colaborator’s series “Gatekeepers,” which spotlights what it took for them to succeed. Our plan is to have notable filmmakers use and be a part of the site in the future.
                                                  Colaborator also is a source with original programming recruiting the young and talented Isaac Simpson. Simpson is not only Colaborator’s senior content editor he is also the author of recently published “Philosophy and Fucking in Vietnam,” contributing writer to LA Weekly, The Daily Dot & Vice and finally… host of Gatekeepers and Short on Shorts.
                                                    Gary Luchesi Guest Starring on Gatekeepers
                                                    Gary Luchesi Guest Starring on Gatekeepers
                                                    ABOUT GATEKEEPERS:
                                                      We wanted to present a human perspective on what it takes to succeed. Our inside Hollywood series “Gatekeepers” draws from the industry’s top performers and professionals, ranging from actors, agents, writers and directors, to executives, producers and casting directors.
                                                        Faucher: This show is about the journey and is relevant to any artist at any point in their career. We went after our heroes because of what they have achieved.”
                                                          The series has priceless gems of advice and revelation from industry veterans such as Jeff Perry (Scandal), director Anton Corbijn (A Most Wanted Man), studio executive John Tarnoff (Former Head of Show Development at DreamWorks), iconic writer Brett Easton Ellis (Writer, Director – American Psycho) and Alexandra Billings, the first transgender actor to play a transgender character (Transparent).
                                                            Short on Shorts Ep3: Isaac Simpson, Franceasca Seiden, Maria Perry & Kevin Allen Jackson
                                                            Short on Shorts Ep3: Isaac Simpson, Franceasca Seiden, Maria Perry & Kevin Allen Jackson
                                                            ABOUT SHORT ON SHORTS:
                                                              Short on Shorts is Colaborator's new review series focusing exclusively on short films and other short form content from across the Internet. Hosted by Colaborator Senior Editor, Isaac Simpson, screenwriter Kevin Allen Jackson and filmmaker Maria Perry, joined by new guest reviewer: I was fortunate to be the guest reviewer on episode 3 with the short film pick “My Best Friend Ben” by award winning director/writer Henry Alberto.
                                                                Watch Full Episode Here:
                                                                    In short, Colaborator is a multi faceted platform for filmmakers. Providing viewers with interviews and interesting stories from the most innovative minds, like on Gatekeepers or allowing short form content to have an easy accessible spotlight; not via film festival or obscure television half-hour block. The other aspect is the site itself designed for veteran and budding filmmakers/ crew working in the industry with the desire to do something other than what they are usually hired to do. For example: If you are making a living as a commercial producer with a passion always for narrative directing, Colaborator gives you the chance to ‘collaborate’ with others. No cost to you just sign up for free: On the Colaborator site you will be able to research jobs, upload your media or search/be searched for crew to assist in making your next film. Don’t worry about your level experience being judged. There is however bidding for gigs, thus your level of passion and how it’s articulated are leveraged to obtain a sought after job.
                                                                      Colaborator is the hub for independent filmmaking and content creating (excuse the use of such an overused term). Providing a fresh approach to a rapidly changing industry. Encouraging cinematic storytelling by logging in and finding the story that speaks to your heart, soul and mind.
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