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LAiCREATIVES exhibits, markets & mentors a versatile list of creative endeavors from multifaceted creatives. We represent contemporary galleries, visual artists, photographers, street artists, filmmakers and designers. Our goal is to assist in artists getting there work displayed in a respected gallery, exhibit and/or event. Most of the artist's we collaborate with are mid-career though we do take on a few emerging artist a year. Check out some of the Artist's we support.
    "Playing Coy" by Amy Smith

    "Playing Coy" by Amy Smith

    Amy Smith is a Los Angeles based artist creating colorful and empowering contemporary art. Inspired by street art, couture fashion, and photography. She designs in collections, using each style to represent a different inspiration. These collections include fashion illustration, acrylic painting, digital painting, and mixed media collage.
      Her digital paintings have been turned into wall murals for office buildings and have been rented out on tv/film sets. Smith’s mixed media collages have been shown at Wallspace LA, The Hive Gallery and been part of auctions such as revered Julien’s Auctions. Her first solo-exhibit was at The Gabba Gallery in January 2016. Smith’s works can be found at Artspace Warehouse and Wallspace LA, as well as online galleries; Art Dimensions, Deny Designs, Turning Art, and Artcase.
        A passion project Amy Smith is currently working on with her co-founder is a podcast called, "The Everyday Awesome" celebrating the creative community living passionate lives. Launching this fall. @theeverydayawesome
          In addition to creating art Smith believes it is important to create projects that create awareness and actionable change. Check out these amazing projects and organizations you will contribute to while supporting this local artist.


            JUDSON DEAN LACAPRA series "Boarding 535p" are sequences manifesting the transformative soul of a traveler. Large in scale, "Boarding 535p" embraces the ever-changing world around us. In the exhibit, Judson Dean LaCapra offers a view into the moment concept moves into execution. A mixture of objects and media, which include momentous detritus such as ticket stubs, journal entries, and stamped passports are digitally montaged, resulting in a collective narrative. LaCapra stitches together fragments of a personal voyage spanning over a decade, navigating us through remnants of life-altering global events. In his unconscious pursuit of Mark Twain's spirit, LaCapra laces together poignant material documenting the shifts in air travel, the costs of airline tickets, and expended passports acquired under reigns of multiple governments. LaCapra's journal entries open a portal onto the transformative soul of a traveler buffeted by political, socioeconomic, and technological events. In "Boarding 535p" we discern the metamorphosis of a man. LaCapra's pieces prompt us to reflect on our own human experience, reminding us that our world can alter, thoroughly, within the blink of an eye.
              Jennifer Korsen is an LA based artist that works in many mediums. Her mixed media pieces, paintings, and street installations can be seen regularly around Los Angeles galleries, pop up shows, and public spaces. Besides LA her work has been shown in Portland, Seattle, New York, Germany, The UK, and more. Korsen's recent work is centered around the heart in several different environments and interpretations. Showing since 2009, her work has been featured and published on local and international levels, painted on public walls, and collected extensively by anatomy and art enthusiasts alike. Korsen's street art installations have caught the eye of bloggers, gallerists, and collectors and landed her in shows with some of the worlds top street artists and rising contemporary stars. Currently represented by Lab Art, The Gabba Gallery, and The Hive Gallery in Los Angeles. Please contact about representation in additional cities. For Rent MICHAEL MCPHEETERS

                is a contemporary artist and activist living and working in Dallas, Texas. Originally from Los Angeles, he grew up as a street artist eventually becoming a scenic painter in the film and television industry. Michael gained recognition as an urban muralist with his advocacy for the non-profit organization, Handle With Care Project. Handle With Care focuses on aiding victims of human sex injustice, mainly sex trafficking in America, through art and music. Michael quickly became an undeniable asset to HWC as a passionate speaker and one of its most versatile artist with his ability to blend his unique style as well as simulated contemporary masters and legendary street artists. Mcpheeters large-scale works, most notably expressed by countless murals in private & public spaces, act as spatial monuments and a testament to his ability to transform a space. Untitled_010 ARNOLD STEINER Born in Venezuela and raised in Miami, Arnold Steiner has been involved in Fine Art and Design for most of his life. After graduating from High School, Arnold studied for 3 years at the School of Visual Arts in New York. For the next 10 years, Arnold worked in New York as a freelance Graphic designer and continues to work in this field today. Examples of his work can be found in everything from film posters, album covers, clothing designs to advertisement and packaging design. Arnold’s work has been featured in several contemporary graphic design books and other publications including Time Out, Trace, Surface, Translucent (Japan), Sampler2, and Repellent. After 15 years of making his mark in the print digital medium, Arnold took a leap into digital video, collaborating with Phoenix and Brian in creating “Drawdown” in 2004. Arnold is also active in the contemporary ‘Electro’ music scene; in 2005 Arnold started his own record label “Transient Force” and has published over 10 albums in the past 7 years. While still maintaining his graphic design integrity and music production, Arnold continued pursuing Fine Art. In 2007 he created a 5,000 square foot Multimedia Art exhibition “Submecha” featuring Fine Art, Digital art and Video. In 2008 Arnold was Nominated “Best Local Album Cover Artist” By the “Miami New Times”. In 2010 Arnold was awarded 1st place in the Sci-Fi London film festival poster contest “Life In 2050″. Arnold is a multi talented artist with both visual and musical expression. Arnold always had a passion for the basic colors and tones that can be used to generate the entire color spectrum, but it was the discovery of Mondrian’s work that led him to believe he had found the colour set he would fall in love with; there was something about using these colours (Red, Yellow, Blue, Black and White) that gave him a sense of completion. Soon after this discovery he began to experiment with different styles such as Suprematism, Comparison Art, Possibility Art, Minimalism and Op Art. It was the discovery of Bridget Riley’s ‘striped’ pieces that was the next defining moment in his artistic career. Arnold started an ongoing study of how these basic colours appear within a different composition of stripes and the effect that the stripes created. Working exclusively with vertical stripes, each painting has a focus on balance no matter what the nature of the composition. “I chose to name each piece as “Untitled” so the viewer is not distracted by a particular idea. The paining is created more for the viewer to self-reflect on how they feel about it rather than it being a form of self expression." Poster_SurAmericano_#20E9DC-2 SURAMERICANO | DIRECTED BY: DOMINGO OLAVARRIA Five strangers embark on a journey together on 6,000 miles bus ride through five countries across breathtaking Latin American terrain. Suramericano is a story of self-discovery and cultural identity highlighting the triumphic human spirit. DOMINGO OLAVARRIA has displayed vision, insight, and imagination in capturing the startling beauty of western South America during the course of a 6,000 mile bus journey from Caracas, Venezuela to The Patagonia in southern Argentina. Domingo was born in New England. His Venezuelan, Peruvian, basque, German and Italian heritage, and his upbringing in Venezuela, have enabled him to identify easily with South American spontaneity, rhythm, appreciation of beauty, and joy for life. SURAMERICANO© adds new elements to Latin American cinema, in the realms of panoramic scenery, music, scriptwriting, and acting. Filmed entirely on location in natural settings, it offers a clear, realistic and visually stimulating picture of western South America. SURAMERICANO© was written, produced and directed by Domingo Olavarria.


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