There are three forms of visual art: Painting is art to look at, sculpture is art you can walk around, and architecture is art you can walk through - Dan Rice

          As a multimedia artist, alternating between painting, drawing, graphic design, installation, sculpture and apparel, Caroline Geys work has been consistently inspired by colorful urban landscapes and animal imagery, from her childhood. It has continued to serve as a muse that has progressed into non-representational aspects and non-literal architectural compositions. In her latest body of work, Anonymous Vrouw, (Vrouw being the Flemish word for Women) Caroline breaks from the expected and infuses a collection of abstract (acrylic on canvas) figurative works.

              An Exploration From Childhood Into Feminine Urban Modernism, Geys explores various individual forms that make up a city: the micro within a macro dynamic, which include: architecture, topography, and cultural & physical infrastructure with the added element of the once considered, modern day woman. Encompassing an overall progression of what factors make up a city’s urban development.

                  Caroline is a self-taught artist; having no formal training, she has been creating since the age of eight. Her technique is often viewed as one with an incredible steady hand that designs free formative works. Every line, dot and color illustrates a connection made among the medium she chooses melding to recreate each other, serving as points of growth within a composition. Specifically, within Geys urban landscapes there is an accumulation of architecture highlighting the differences in urban and rural landscapes. Each body of work is developed similarly to the advancement of these cities with progressive transformation appearing over time, ultimately coming together to form an unexpected harmonious whole.

                      Following decades of being labeled as a contemporary abstract architectural artist, Caroline began introducing figurative works within her cityscapes. Her latest series, Anonymous Vrouw, is a somewhat reflective voyage of the post-modern, urban dwelling women (undoubtedly inspired by the fashion of preceding eras a la 40’s) amid the antiquated serving as unconscious stimulation for researching vintage objects. This latest series functions as a visual narrative of women, without revealing their faces or hands, two features that establish one’s individuality. Deprived of fingerprints or facial expressions these fictional women are allowed to keep their anonymity. Instead, Geys chooses the conceptual to replace recognizable features, using patterned fabrics, tying into the conjectural theme. Generating a circular visual narrative based off her early childhood drawings, she creates a balance of the figurative and the contemporary abstract.

                          “Since my work stretches into various media’s so does my thinking, fueling a velocity of ideas from one medium to another yielding one consistent factor, color. I experiment with color palettes in all of my series; it is a part of my expression, throughout life’s paradigms, exploring the metamorphosis within the context of my life as a visual artist.” – Caroline Geys